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PUBG Mobile Season 17 expected release date revealed

Mark Green



One of the finest and best online multiplayer battle royale games available for mobile devices, PUBG Mobile is going to launch its season 17 on 19th January next year. Right now, season 16 is in action which was released on the 17th of November. The developers make sure to add new exciting features with every update.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 Rewards and Features

Season 16 of PUBG Mobile will come to an end on 16th Jan and so will its Royal Pass. Then as usual this section will be locked by the developers for updating purposes for almost 24 hrs. After which new season 17 will available along with Royal Pass on 19th January.

The players will then be able to get Royal Pass and also the dream of every PUBG lover- paid versions of Royal Pass i.e. Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. The two are expected to be priced at approx. 600 and 1800 UC, respectively.

Another change will be about the ranks of the players as they will be reinitiated. All the players irrespective of the rank they had achieved in the previous season, all will start from the same level and have to again rank up their game!!!

As for the leaked rewards of this season, a new helmet, a sassy-looking AWM, and a new car model with the themed color patterns are expected to be featured in this season.

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