Pubg Mobile Lite Winter Update 0.20.3 Beta Version officially arrived

Pubg Mobile Lite winter update 0.20.3 has arrived, the developers have dropped another Beta version update of Pubg Lite. The new update requires almost 618 MB of space. New features have been added to this new Beta Version 0.20.3. As there is no Vikendi Map yet, we can expect the all-new Vikendi Map in the next Beta update.

Pubg Lite Winter Update 0.20.3 Features

Loot in Snow Island

Recently the developers have dropped a Beta update 0.20.2, in which some of the new features have been added like Snow Island. In that Beta update, there was no loot available at the Snow Island but now in Beta update 0.20.3 the Snow Island features a lot of loot including Assualt Weapons, Medicine Kits, Level 2 backpacks, health kits, etc.

Pubg lite 0.20.3
Image Source: Krish Gamer (YT)

Ski Feature

The Winter update 0.20.3 features a new SKI option, finally, the players can use the SKI features to slide from the top through skating. Pubg Mobile has had this feature from the very beginning, now Pubg Mobile Lite also featured a new SKI option. But it is in Beta Version, we could expect more features in the upcoming updates.

Pubg Mobile Lite update
Image Source: Krish Gamer (YT)

Pubg Lite Snow Balls

There is also a new feature been added known as Snowballs, with the help of Snowball users will be able to take cover by just throwing the ball and it will be turned into a Snow break as we have seen in Pubg Mobile.

Pubg beta update
Image Source: Krish Gamer (YT)


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