Pubg Mobile Lite Update 2021 is out: Here is the APK download link

PUBG Mobile Lite is one of the best-rated battle royale games for Android devices, with over 100 million downloads on Google Play. It’s especially popular among players who own older or low-end phones because it requires less processing power than other similar apps do and still offers an immersive gameplay experience.

The latest updates of PUBG Mobile bring in features for the users to relish. With 0.21.2, players can now enjoy real-time matchmaking and better game zone selection options along with other minor improvements.

It brings new features like Team Deathmatch (TDM) Mode, which lets you play with your friends in real-time within squads of four.

Players can download the APK file for 0.21.0 and update it in-game to the newest iteration of this version.

The game PUBG mobile lite is now available for download. The 0.21.0 version of the game comes with an important patch that brings significant changes to improve your gaming experience.

Downloading the new version of PUBG Lite is a process that requires two separate downloads, totaling almost 850 MB.

Steps to download APK File

  • To download the APK File of update 0.21.0, head towards the official Website.
  • Players may tap on the “APK Download” button to initiate an automated download for PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • After downloading the file, users have to enable “Unknown Sources” on their devices so that they can install it. This will take them a few minutes since Android requires this step for security purposes.
  • Players of mobile version “PUBG Lite” should head into the game’s main menu then tap on ‘IN-GAME UPDATE’ to download the patch.
  • After all players can log in to their accounts and access the 0.21.2 version of PUBG Lite.
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