PUBG Mobile Lite Survive Till Dawn Zombie Mode returns

PUBG Mobile Lite Survive Till Dawn Zombie Mode returns
Image Source: Pubg Mobile Lite

PUBG never fails to provide quality content for the players. In that regard, the Zombie Survive Till Dawn mode returns in PUBG Mobile Lite. The players will fight the zombies in night mode and the player who gets more kills will survive. The Zombie mode is added to give new content and enhance the gameplay for the players before the winter season update arrives.


Features of the Survive till Dawn Mode in full detail

In this Survive till Dawn mode the players will fight the enemies and real players at the same time. The team that survives by killing their opponents and zombies at the end wins. Players will get the loots of new items such as weapons and medicine kits which will help them to survive in the battleground.

Liquid Nitrogen Mine

As seen in PUBG Mobile, players will able to use the new feature “Liquid Nitrogen Mine”. This new item will hold the zombies when they step on the mine in the range. Creating a great opportunity for the players to kill the zombies and safeguard themselves.

To kill the multiple zombies players need extra ammo with special effects. Thus, developers have added different types of ammo with their particular effects to damage the opponents and kill zombies. Four types of ammo with their effects have been mentioned below:

Noise Ammo will help the players in reducing the zombie’s speed and will detect the nearby zombies from a short distance. Thus, players can identify zombies in dark night mode.

Bio Ammo is best for healing the teammates when they are down in trouble. This Ammo releases a special type of wave to heal the squad members.

Kinetic Ammo assists by increasing the number of bullets for a short period of time. Players can damage zombies more with bursts rather than 1 bullet at a time.

Shock Ammo will release a special wave of shock which will hold the enemies back by damaging their lives.

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