Pubg Mobile Lite Season 24 WP, everything you need to know

Pubg Mobile Lite upcoming Season 24 release date has been confirmed. Season 24 is going to start on May 1st. Currently, Season 23 is live and still has time to be ended.

Pubg Mobile Lite Season 24 WP Release Date

The developers release a new season every month, which includes different rewards, emotes, skins and many more. Also – Read Pubg Mobile Lite 0.21.0 Update, here is how you can download it

Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 23 is currently underway, while it will be ended on 30th April. After which the new Winner Pass 24 will be commenced on May 1st.

Pubg Mobile Lite Season 24 WP leaks

Just like before the Winner Pass includes two passes, the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. The Elite Pass can be purchased for 280 BC, however, the Elite Pass Plus can be purchased for 800 BC.

Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 24 will be featuring different rewards at different WP Ranks. Players can increase the WP Rank by completing the daily RP missions or recommended ones.

At different WP Ranks, there will be new skins, emotes, crates, EXP cards and many more. Moreover, the WP 24 rewards aren’t confirmed yet, however, players will get to know about the new Winner Pass once it releases.

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