Pubg Mobile Lite Season 19 WP will be totally based on Winter Update

Pubg Mobile Lite Season 19 skins and rewards have been leaked out. The current season 18 will end on 29 November 2020. The upcoming season 19 will be totally based on Winter Update. There are a lot of new winter suits, weapons skins and more.

Pubg Lite Season 19
Image Source @HaDDGamer YT
Pubg Mobile Lite Season 19 Winter
Image Source @HaDDGamer YT

The developers have recently dropped three beta versions of the Pubg Lite Winter Update. They have just dropped a new Beta Version 0.20.3 Pubg Lite Winter Update. The Global version of Winter Update hasn’t been released yet, but the Winter Update is in Beta Version yet and we might experience a new Beta Version 0.20.4 very soon.

Pubg Lite Season 19 leaks have been confirmed, the Season 19 Winner Pass will be released at the end of November or at the start of December. There are chances of a new Flake Bear Set which will be found in a Gold Crate.

As this Winner Pass will be based on Winter Festival, so there are chances of a new M146A Glacier Skin, as we have seen M416 Glacier Skin in Pubg Mobile. The new Winter Update might be released very soon. The Global Winter update will have a Vikendi Map, as there is no Vikendi Map yet in the Beta Versions.

Pubg Mobile lite Season 19 WP
Image Source @HaDDGamer YT

The Winner Pass Season 19 will also include a new Winter Jubilant Baby Seal Helmet, as we have experienced in Pubg Mobile. Also Pubg Mobile Lite might add new skin (Wintertime UAZ). All rewards will be upgraded to winter finish skins, there will also be a new Crystal Clear Finish Plane skin in Season 19. We will be updating you regarding upcoming news and leaks of Pubg Lite, so stay connected.

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