Pubg Mobile Lite Payload 2.0 mode is upgraded and is available now

Pubg Mobile Lite Payload 2.0 has been upgraded by the developers, after the Pubg Lite Winter Update 0.20.0, the developers have dropped a new upgraded version of Payload 2.0. Recently a beta version 0.19.4 was released with some upgraded vehicles, helicopters, and locations, etc. Now the final upgraded version is released officially and is now available.

With this new update, the armed vehicles have been upgraded as shown in the video. The buggy vehicle has now the ability to float in the water. Players can now hit the helicopter from their vehicles by RPG weapon.

A new helicopter has been added as we have seen in the Beta Version. Players can easily find it in Stronghold, it’s a new place added in Pubg Lite instead of Stadium. In Pubg Mobile Payload 2.0, we have seen several armed vehicles, now all that armed vehicles are added in Pubg Lite.

Same as Pubg Mobile Payload 2.0, the armed vehicle buggy is now able to operate in water as well. While the UAZ is the most well-accoutered vehicles that are featuring an automated machine gun, a flamethrower, and a rocket launcher as well, so you can easily hit any helicopter.

Some of the upgraded features are inspired by Pubg Mobile, as shown in the video. There might be an Airstrike feature as well. Also, there may be a Man-Portable Radar feature, which can detect the presence of enemies near you. The Payload 2.0 is finally upgraded and is available now. Upgrade the Pubg Lite Payload 2.0 and get your hands on the deadly weapons now.

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