Pubg Mobile Lite Beta Update 0.20.3 is now available

Pubg Mobile Lite Winter Update 0.20.3 Beta Version is now available
Image Source: Pubg Mobile Lite Official

Pubg Mobile Lite developers have already released two Beta Versions of Winter update. As the hype of PUBG lite winter season continues as the Developers are releasing the beta versions before the actual update. This beta test version allows the players to access the gameplay of the game early. The new beta update 0.20.3 has finally out now in the form of another downloadable content. Players can download the new update and can explore the new features upgraded.

Recently, PUBG Cooperation announced that the winter season will be available in December. This is the 3rd beta version released and more updates are set to come in a few days. Things are adding more fun for the player as the excitement of the new update rises. Regarding the new Beta Version 0.20.4, the leaks have already rolled out and this will be the next Beta version to the Winter update.

PUBG Lite Update 0.20.3

Winter Update 0.20.3 highlights the key elements that were missing in the last beta version 0.20.2 and 0.20.1. Players can now get exclusive free loots that include Assault rifles, Shotguns, helmets, energy drinks, and grenades. In Particular, these free weapons were missing in Snow Island and there were no weapons to explore in the ice castle. Therefore, this 0.20.3 update is an improved version as compared to the last update.

In this new update, a new weapon has been added called “Frozen Egg”. These eggs are in the shape of egg balls. Players will loot the frozen egg from the remains of a dead player crate. Players can use this frozen egg as a cover. It is interesting, each dead player crate will give one frozen egg so players can get many frozen eggs after killing many opponents.

Also, another feature that has been seen before in PUBG Mobile is now introduced in PUBG lite. It is called “Skating”. Players can do skating on the Snow Board, the skating option is only available in snow areas and it will not appear on roads or any other location.  The Actual update is expected to release very soon, as we have to experience another Beta version yet. We will be updating you regarding the upcoming news of the game.



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