PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.21.0 Chinese Version Update new features leaked

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 update new features have been leaked in the Chinese version. The new update hasn’t been released for the global world. In fact, there is no official statement made by PUBG Cooperation. Moreover, the Introduction of ornaments, grenade skins, and new Interface background are set to come in the upcoming update. More information will come in a few days.

PUBG Mobile has a lighter streamlined version aka PUBG Mobile lite. This version is made for gamers who have low-quality smartphones but want to experience some real gameplay as PUBG Mobile gamers. PUBG releases tons of new content frequently to keep the players engaged in it. The toned down version is different from the PUBG Mobile having fewer maps, features, and fewer teams in the Battle Royale. Despite all of it, PUBG Mobile Lite is popular and has a large unity of players who enjoys the game.

Recently, the winter season 0.20.0 update came out and it is running successfully. With new updates and exciting features, the game has changed thoroughly. Making it more valuable for the players and giving the absolute best features to enjoy.

PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.21.0 Update Leaked features

New Interface background

Like we have seen before, a new theme has its own lobby background. Rumors are players will see a new interface background in the upcoming update. However, it’s not known that what theme it is based on but, leaks suggest new background will come.


Similar to PUBG Mobile players will able to attach new Ornaments to their backpacks and Gun skins in the custom loadout section. Players can get these for free after purchasing the Battle points from the store. For Example, Strange Mummy Ornament and many more are leaked to come as seen in the Chinese version of the game.

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.21.0
Image Source: Lite X Pro Youtube

New Grenade Skins

For Grenade lovers, they will have the cool skins to use and make the opponents suffer more with deadly shots.

Pubg Lite 0.21.0
Image Source: Lite X Pro (YT)

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