Pubg Mobile Lite 0.20.0 Winter Update has some exciting new features

Pubg Mobile Lite 0.20.0 Winter Update has some exciting new features
Image Source: Pubg Mobile Lite

Pubg Mobile Lite developers have released a new Winter Update 0.20.0. The Winter Update in Pubg Lite has been finally added after three Beta Versions. All new features have been added such as Snowy mountains in Varenga Map, Spawn Island, Winter Castle, and new Snow Board.

The toned-down version of Pubg Mobile has recently received a new official winter update. As the Winter Map (Vikendi) is already available in Pubg Mobile, but currently there is no Vikendi Map in Pubg Mobile Lite. We can expect Vikendi Map in the near future.

As Christmas is around the corner and we might experience a new Christmas theme lobby in Pubg lite very soon. Some of the features that are quite impressive are Universal Mark Feature, Snow Board, Frozen Eggs, and Loot in Winter Castle.

Similar to Pubg Mobile the Universal Mark feature has also been added in Pubg Mobile Lite. The players will be now able to mark the enemy with just one click. Another thing that has been added is Frozen Eggs, the purpose of Frozen Eggs is to take cover after throwing it forward as it becomes an Ice Break.

In Varenga Map the Winter Castle has now a high amount of loot available. So players can get that loot by landing first in Winter Castle. Also, new weapons skin are added such as AKM Galcier Skin, so players can get the new AKM Glacier Skin in Crates, and also the Skin is upgradable. The new update 1.0.0 (0.20.0) is now available for download on Google Play as well as other third-party apps like APK Pure and TAP TAP.

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