Pubg Mobile Halloweek Mode now available from today until November 9th 

Pubg Mobile Halloweeks mode was recently introduced, the new Halloweek mode will be available from today until November 9th. Players who randomly queue for Erangle will get a chance to activate the Halloween mode. The new Halloweek mode content will be starting today globally.

Pubg Mobile was also featured by Infection Mode recently introduced. In that mode, the players are divided into two categories (Defenders and Zombies), if the defenders were attacked by the zombies and have been killed the zombies win, and if only one defender left the team wins.

The new Halloweeks mode will appear in the Erangle Map, the players will have a chance to activate the new mode. The mode contains zombies campuses and will appear in four different locations around the map. Once you eliminate zombies on the campus you will be able to get the desire loot boxes containing different items.

There will be four zombie bosses having the ability to gain energy by eliminating the players. You will get precious battle supplies resources once you eliminate the bosses. A new virtual rock and roll band, Power4 has also been introduced to the game. Players will be also able to get the POWER4 outfits in the game. So team up with your friends and get the opportunity to enter the Halloweeks Mode.

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