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PUBG Mobile Frost Festival Winter Update to be released Soon

Danny Peterson



PUBG Mobile Frost Festival Winter Update to be released Soon

Pubg Mobile one of the most popular games in the mobile community. Due to the large popularity of the game, fans highly expect unique, exciting features and Royal pass items. Since the release, PUBG Mobile developers have always provided new downloadable content with all new season rewards every month.

Like every year, PUBG Cooperation comes up with all new winter season update to celebrate the Christmas Festival holidays. In the upcoming update, players will see a new winter mode that highlights the newly-themed version of the game. Other features include snow locations, ice gun skins, new background Christmas themed lobby, snowboarding, and throwable frozen eggs.

Pubg Mobile Frost Festival 

PUBG Mobile Twitter official page teased the fans with pictures of the upcoming new winter mode called Frost Festival. This new mode will feature multiple ice castles hanging in the air and along the seasides and riversides. Players can get multiple loots and fight against enemies as all-new features based on winter.  The tweet also confirms that the Frost Festival will be commenced on 10th Dec same day the winter season will exclusively be available for all the players worldwide. Erangel map will feature the new Frost Festival Mode.

The best thing about the floating ice castles and winter mode is Throwable Items like frozen eggs and Snowman statues. These new weapon turn into ice statues that players can use to cover and defend themselves against the enemies’ squad. So, it’s a chance for the players to grab this opportunity of getting new exclusive limited rewards and character skins in the winter season update.

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