Pubg Mobile Corp has permanently banned over 3.7M accounts


Pubg Mobile has permanently suspended 3,769,053 accounts within 7 days. These accounts have been banned permanently due to major reasons like DDOS attacks, iOS jailbreak Plugin hacks, and Area damage hacks.

Recently a week ago Pubg Mobile was under DDOS attack, due to which the players were facing disconnection issues. As most of the players think that this disconnection happens because of server misbehavior, but that’s not the reason. The main reason is the DDOS attack.

Hackers have found a new method to freeze all players known as the DDOS attack. They use this method to disconnect the Pubg server and freeze all the players in the arena. As players think that this is some kind of server issue, so they leave the game and try to restart the game.

They freeze all of the 99 players, so they can easily eliminate one by one easily. Pubg corporation always tries their best to ban hackers, but every time hackers breakthrough with a new hack. This time Pubg has permanently suspended all those accounts involved in vicious circles. Over 28% of users used Auto-Aim hacks while 17% were using Speed hacks, but thanks to Pubg Mobile Corp they have suspended all these hackers’ accounts.

Now users will enjoy a fair play, and we hope they won’t find a new breakthrough.

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