Pubg Mobile 1.7 Beta APK: Get your hands on the latest Pubg Mobile update

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in recent memory, and it’s only getting better as new features are added to PUBG’s mobile version, like an increased drop rate system or an obstacle course for solo-oriented gameplay.

That will excite players even more! A beta variant has been introduced before their release, so test performance across all aspects before launch can begin.

The new beta is out, and it has a lot of exciting changes for gamers. One of the most notable features in Pubg Mobile 1.7, called “Piggyback Carry,” allows players to carry teammates on their back during races or battles without losing speed.

You can download it from our APK file now if you don’t give this updated version a go before its release.

With each subsequent update, PUBG Mobile’s popularity continues to soar. In addition to implementing new features that enhance the overall gaming experience for players and a variety of beautiful graphics options available on mobile devices, this game stands out from other similar titles in terms of visual appeal.

The PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta was released a few days ago, allowing gamers to try out the content of our next update. Anyone can download and install them directly through any APK files provided in this article.

How to download Pubg Mobile 1.7 beta APK File

There is no invitation code or binding code needed to access this beta so that you can get started right away. Links are provided below, including both the download for each file.

The Pubg Mobile APK of the latest update is available for both Android 64-bit and 32-bit. The size of these files is a whopping 664 MB and 585 MB, which requires users to have enough storage space on their devices before they go ahead with the download procedure.

Pubg Mobile APK File for latest Update 1.7 (Android 64-bit). Click here

Pubg Mobile APK File for latest Update 1.7 (Android 32-bit). Click here

How to Install Pubg Mobile 1.7 beta

  • The installation procedure is super simple. You must download the APK file first.
  • Then, you should turn on “Install From Unknown Sources” before installing apps. This will allow an app to be installed even if it does not come through the official Google Play Store.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open up PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta on your device and start playing right away.
  • PUBG Mobile’s newest beta is now live! You can sign in via the “Guest” option to try out this exciting new update.
  • If a user has been experiencing some parsing errors while installing PUBG Mobile 1.7 beta APK on their device, they can reinstall it and redownload it.
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