Pubg Mobile 1.4 Beta Update: New Arena Map, & themes added, download the APK

Pubg Mobile 1.4 Global update is set to arrive in Season 19. The 1.4 beta version is already live for users with a ton of new features and content. The 1.4 beta update is available for limited users, as it will be closed once it exceeds 20,000 beta users. The new features are inspired by the monster movie recently released (Godzilla vs Kong). As, the developers collaborated with the movie, in contrast, to bring these huge monsters to the game.

New Themes

The beta update 1.4 includes several new features like Godzilla Theme in Erangle, Kong Theme in Sanhok as well as Mecha Godzilla theme in Livik. Other than that, there is a Cinematic Spawn Island, along with Titans, Apex Supply Camp and PvE mob Settlements.

Image Source: Pubg

The Erangle Map include the Godzilla theme, where the monster can be seen. With his atomic breath, you can get eliminated with a single shot. It would be better to stay away from Godzilla, as it can damage your full health with his atomic breath.

Mob Settlements

Mob Settlements
Image Source: Pubg

Besides this, there are other small mobs on the Erangle map. Whenever the Titan pass by the mob settlement they can eliminate the mobs in their own way. However, the mobs can also attack players once you get close to them. Overall, by eliminating the mobs you will get battle supplies during the gameplay.

New Arena Map

A new arena map has also been added to the beta version. As currently, the game has two major TDM modes, the TDM Warehouse and TDM: The Ruins. Likewise, the new Hanger Map is still in beta version 1.4 and will be released globally in season 19. The map is covered with some congested containers along with a damaged helicopter. This new TDM map is designed on a new strategy, so players will have to use their own tricks and strategy to eliminate the enemies.

How to download Pubg Mobile 1.4 Beta Update

To get access to the beta version, players will need an invitation code. Which can be obtained from the events section by taping “test servers”. The purpose of test servers is to give access to players, to experience new features in advance. Also to report any kind of bugs found in the test version. So the developers can fix that issues.

Here is how you can download the beta update 1.4

  • Here is the Pubg Mobile 1.4 Beta Update APK file, simply visit here to download the APK file.
  • Install the APK file on your mobile devices, make sure to enable the unknown sources in the privacy settings.
  • Also, make sure to have free space on your device.
  • After installing the APK file, visit > Events Section > Tap on Test Servers.
  • Enter the desired Invitation code in the yellow box and click on continue.
  • After that, you will be directed towards the main menu. Enjoy the new updated features.

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