PS5 Teardown video: Reveals console hardware and much more


Sony Playstation has published a 7 minutes video of PS5 showing removable sides, dust catchers, and storage expansion. The head of Sony mechanical design Yasuhiro Ootori explained everything about console hardware. The Sony PS5 will be launching on 12th November.

The PS5 is slightly larger than the PS4, this time the console is 104mm wider, and 390mm high in diameter. On the front, the PS5 is featuring a USB type C port and Type-A port with high-speed USB support.

PS5 Teardown

On the rear, the console has two Type-A port with super-speed support (USB 10 Gbps), as well as their is a LAN port, an HDMI port, and a power input. The air vents have been placed on the front of the console, while the exhaust is placed on the entire rear side.

PS5 Teardown

An 8GB GDDR6 is installed that delivers a maximum bandwidth of 448GB per second. Regarding storage, the company has utilized an onboard 825GB SSD instead of HDD. The custom SSD can deliver a faster speed of up to 5.5 GB per second. The company has spent over two years to set up the Liquid metal cooling mechanism. Further technical specification has been mentioned in the video.

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