PS5 Restock India: Sony consoles could arrive at Amazon, Flipkart, & Game The Shop

Sony PS5 the most favorite gaming console by now so far is getting more difficult to grab nowadays. Since its launch, the consoles have run out of stocks several times within few minutes. Now, this could be a huge demand, or maybe scalpers using bots.

The PS5 restock in India happened earlier, while according to IGN, the restock is expected by mid of July. As we recently reported, the PS5 India Restock is expected to happen this month.

Gaming nerds are disparately waiting for its next restock, as everyone wants to get the next-gen Sony Console. However, at GAME UK the PlayStation 5 has been listed but unfortunately it not up for online pre-order yet. While the stores have confirmed to place orders in stores.

Where to Buy PS5 in India

Indian users can get it from Amazon, Flipkart, Game The Shop, Croma, etc. These are the official retailers to list PS5 once the stock arrives.

As expected, this time the stock might be more than the previous restock. The whole scenario of the current situation is because of a massive hardware chip shortage.

PS5 Variants & Prices

As we all know the Sony PlayStation 5 comes in two variants (Standard and Digital). The Standard Console costs 100 bucks more than the Digital Version. In India you will get the Digital Console for 39,990, on the same side, the Standard console has a price tag of 49,990.

Now it depends on you whether you wanna go for Digital or Standard. Besides this, the Dual Sense controllers also come in two color options, midnight black, and cosmic red. This next restock may also bring the Dual Sense controllers as well.

Stay connected for upcoming news, as the PS5 India Restock is almost here.

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