PS5 files sizes divulge for Demon’s Soul & Marvel Spider-Man

Sony discloses the file sizes of the Sony PS5 popular games (Demon’s Soul and Marvel Spider-man: Miles Morales). Back in 2009 Demon’s Soul was reveled for the most favorite Playstation 3 with a file size of 8.25 GB. Now the Demon’s Soul has been remade and will be launching next to PS5.

The file sizes of both these anticipated games were revealed by the Sony Playstation Direct website. And it has been disclosed that the upcoming Demon’ Soul will consume 66 GB of your Play Station5 console.

About Marvel Spider-man: Miles Morales, it will also consume 50 GB’s of your console storage. There is also an Ultimate launch Edition of Marvel Spiderman as well, which will go up to 105GB.

As the Sony PS5, Digital Edition will be featured with an 825GB of internal storage, so these games will consume up to 20% of your SSD. As we have seen heavy files like Red dead redemption 2 which has a huge file size of 89GB. On the other side, we have Final Fantasy 7 which is the most popular game as well with a file size of 90 GB.

Recently the pre-order was started for both PlayStation PS5 Digital as well as Disc variant but due to high user’ demand, they were out of stock. For which Sony has apologized to its users and said that the PS5 pre-order will live soon.

The most anticipated games like Watch Dogs Legion and Demon’s Soul pre-order are already live on Amazon. Watch Dog’s Legion creators UbiSoft has also revealed the system requirements as well. The Watch Dogs Legion will also run on PlayStation Ps4. Gaming nerds can pre-order these anticipated games from PlayStation Store as well as from Amazon.



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