POCO X3 Pro caught fire only two months after purchase

It’s never a pretty sight when your smartphone blows up or catches fire in front of you or your loved ones. The Poco X3 Pro, which was launched in India earlier this year has been making headlines again. The recent string of exploding smartphones has caused many users to become wary. In fact, a man recently reported that his Poco X3 Pro exploded only two months after purchase!

An Indian Twitter user Aman Bhardwaj (@Ammybhand13) claimed that his device spontaneously went up in flames less than 5 minutes after it was taken off the charger. You can check out this tweet below from @Ammybhardwaj himself- what an unlucky day for him …

The Poco smartphone X3 Pro, which was fully charged and disconnected from a charging pad caught fire and exploded after just five minutes of charging.

In the past, there have been many cases in which people reported false explosions. Recently a Twitter user tweeted about an incident where they claimed their OnePlus Nord 2 unit exploded and caused trauma to them. After investigating it was found out that this story also doesn’t hold any truth; thus both posts were deleted and all links leading back to them are now taken down too.

Here are some of the precautionary measures for safer mobile charging

Over Charging

Charging your phone overnight can head towards serious damage. This could be one of the main reasons for exploding. Be sure to unplug your phone while you are going to sleep.

Don’t use Cheap Chargers

The second reason for bursting might be a cheap charger. It contains low-standard wiring and circuit, which could be dangerous for your device.

Don’t Use in Overheating

Most of the devices got overheated while playing high graphics games. This is because such devices are not designed for such performance, but still many users play high-profile games on their low-end devices. As a result, the device got overheated, so in such conditions don’t play games on your device.

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