Overwatch will be temporarily free to play on Nintendo Switch from Next Week


Overwatch will be completely free to play on Nintendo Switch. The free trial will go live on 13 October and will be available for just one week. Nintendo Switch players need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership to access the free trial.

There will be no restriction for the players, they will enjoy the full and complete game for free. As Nintendo America has posted on their twitter account about the free trial and mentioned that any NSO member would be able to download and can enjoy all of the content for free.

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online member then there is no restriction, you can download and play it for 7 days. The game requires a 12 GB of free space to have on Nintendo Switch.

If someone doesn’t have the NSO subscription, so the Nintendo is offering a very reasonable service, the NSO costs only $20 per year. While on the subscription of Overwatch Legendary Edition the players will get free legendary skins, and other heroic skins. The legendary Edition will cost $40, and yes the users will get three months of NSO membership redemption code.


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