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Nintendo Introduced the Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch in Japan 

Ryan Johnson



Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom keeps on sharing the news of Monster Hunter Rise with its fans. Nintendo Japan has doubled the anticipation for its viewers by making the bombastic announcement.

Nintendo Japan is now launching a special edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch and Pro controller. That will be available for pre-order booking.

The popularity of Monster Haunter can not be denied, and it gains much fame. Supporting the same thoughts, Hollywood also launched a Monster Hunter live-action film. But many fan following doesn’t raise it so much according to expectations.

Capcom and Nintendo decided to show some mutual effort and keep Monster Haunter; Japan considers it essential to make the special edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller. 

This will create much more popularity, and pre-order booking is the most exciting feature of the gaming zone.

This pre-booking for Japanese citizens is for 7,480 yen (excluding tax) or USD 73. Fans found a perfect match of it with Monster Hunter Rise. Thus, they are because of buying both at the same time.

It will be a great adventurous experiment not only for fans but also for developers because it will bring the gaming version to the height of success.

The pro-order booking will begin on the 27th of February. Monster haunter rise has a large fan following even on the western side. The western audience can boost it up to a high level. But there is no news regarding its launch in western areas.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on March 26, 2021. So the new version and special edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch and Pro controller will be out on the same day.

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