Netflix aiming to add games to its platform by next year

Netflix is aiming to enter the world of online gaming services. A report by Bloomberg has clarified that Netflix is planning to introduce its own gaming platform. This could be like Google Stadia, xCloud Gaming, and Geforce Now.

The popular streaming platform which is serving its users for a long time has now entered the world of gaming as well. As earlier, it was rumored that Netflix might introduce its own gaming service, and yesterday its been confirmed.

For this project, Netflix has hired a gaming designer named Mike Verdu, who had worked for different renowned companies such as EA, Zynga, etc.

As well all know Watching movies or TV Shows are extremely fast and in high quality, this is because of their fast servers. However, gaming would be also exceptional on Netflix. There will be a separate catalog for Gaming Category.

Despite this, the service might not be approved by Apple App Store. App Store didn’t work as an alternative for apps and games. In contrast to this Apple didn’t allow Google Stadia, Microsoft Cloud, and similar other services.

Now the question arises will Netflix Gaming Service will be allowed by Apple Store? well, it’s a matter of time. Nothing more has been revealed yet as it is in the early stages and still has a long way to be officially announced.

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