London data centers need a cooling system due to high temperature

As record temperatures hit a significant part of the UK on Tuesday, tech goliaths Google and Oracle endured blackouts as cooling frameworks fizzled at London data centers.

Data centers are massive, exceptionally secure structures that hold banks of PCs and are the forces to be reckoned with behind numerous internet-based administrations.

Yet, the concentrated processing power creates heat so intense that cooling is fundamental.

The organization composed that following unexpectedly high temperatures in the UK south (London) locale, two cooler units in the server farm encountered a disappointment when they were expected to work over their plan limits.

“Thus, temperatures in the server farm started to climb, which made a few frameworks shut down as a defensive measure.”

The organization said the issue was settled in an update posted soon after 10:00 BST on Wednesday.

With environment researchers’ advance notice that sweltering days will turn out to be more continuous, tech firms are investigating greener cooling arrangements and PC frameworks that consume less power and create less intensity.

Microsoft did a test with a submerged server farm off Orkney in 2020. The natural cooling given by the surrounding seawater was a part of the fascination.

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