LG 2021 TV’s lineup to feature Google Stadia & Nvidia Geforce Now

LG upcoming TV’s to feature both Google Stadia and Geforce Now. The gaming services will give a plus point to those who already purchased the games. Users will be able to play the games on LG TV 2021 without any additional products except a controller.

According to LG, the Google Stadia will be available on their TV’s in the second half of this year. However, Nvidia Geforce will come later. LG will be the first brand to integrate the Nvidia Geforce Now on their TV models.

The Nvidia Geforce isn’t available on any TV yet, LG will be the first one to have it. The Google Stadia service is going to be work in that region where they are currently available.

According to LG, the upcoming LG models will have a special design Game Optimizer, which will help gamers to optimize the game settings on their TV’s. The services will work on the LG webOS 6 platform. LG will launch the 2021 lineup models within a few months along with Stadia, however, the Geforce Now is expected sometime later.

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