Is iPhone 11 still worth buying? While iPhone 13 is on its way

Does the iPhone 11 still have what it takes to compete with newer flagship smartphones, like Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13-powered handset? If you’re looking for an older device that has specs and features comparable to those of new devices on the market, then keep reading.

The old apple iPhone 11 is now almost two years old but its great performance makes this phone worth buying even after these days. This note helps those who want to buy this product.

The launch of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro has been a big deal for Apple fans. Knowing how popular the previous model was, everyone wanted to get their hands on one. The hardware is fantastic as well as software updates made it an easy decision for many people who were looking forward to purchasing new iPhones.

Below are the differences you might consider while upgrading to a new iPhone.

OLED Display

If you watch a lot of videos on your iPhone and want the best viewing experience possible, an OLED screen might make more sense for you. Although Apple kept its display at 60Hz to keep it consistent with other smartphones like the last year’s model (iPhone 11), they traded up in order to use an LED instead of the LCD panel.

Rumors indicate that the iPhone 13 will likely feature an OLED panel, as well. However, it is expected to have a faster refresh rate of 120Hz for smoother scrolling through apps and websites.

5G Connectivity

5G is a new wireless technology, and the iPhone 11 does not have this feature. If you are content with LTE speeds for now but want to upgrade in the future when 5G becomes more widely available, then get an iPhone 12 instead of an 11 because it can access faster bands of data that may come out after your purchase.

Reasonable Price

Apple is already selling the nearly two-year-old iPhone 11 for $200 less than when it was launched. The current starting price of an Apple iPhone 12 – which starts at $829 and goes down in the fall or whenever Apple 13 launches, although we can’t know yet about pricing on that phone – will probably be lower once they’re released.


Going for iPhone 11 might save you some bucks. If upgrading to a new phone isn’t something that’s at the top of your list, it would be better to go with this option as opposed to purchasing another brand-new device.

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