iPhone 13 is set to release next week, but will there be a hidden Touch ID?

The new iPhones may not have buttons on the side. This is because Apple seems to be going for a buttonless design this year, as opposed to just minimal hardware changes that we’ve been seeing over recent years. With all of these rumors surfacing around, it’s hard to tell what exactly will happen with upcoming iOS devices – but there are some things you can expect from your iPhone 13.

If we want to see this new feature on iPhones in the future, we might have to wait until 2022 or beyond. However, it’s not an entirely wild concept and may fit with other changes Apple will make for upcoming iPhones.

The new iPhone 13 might be missing a physical reader (Touch ID) for your fingerprint but it could have one hidden underneath the screen. The technology would certainly match Apple’s vision of keeping their devices sleek and minimalist.

Apple has been rumored to be reviving the fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) in their upcoming iPhone 13. The new reader would not have any physical buttons and instead, it will live under the surface of your phone’s screen.

Gurman says that under-screen Touch ID sensors “won’t make the cut” for iPhone 13, according to Bloomberg’s August Power On Newsletter. Instead of fingerprint scanner technology, Gurman speculates Apple will embed Face ID in the new iPhones.

However, there isn’t any official announcement made yet, the only thing we know for sure is that there will be a big, fancy Apple launch event next week.

Source: Cnet

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