iOS 15 brings new things to the table with their translation abilities

iOS 15, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, comes with some notable new translation-related features.

The iPhone’s Translate app has gotten a major overhaul in iOS 15. With system-wide translation, Live Text translation, and other new options, such as how Live text is an excellent way for users who want to translate speech quickly on the go or those looking for a quality improvement over automatic translator services like Google Translate.

Apple is expanding the capabilities of its Translation app to translate conversations system-wide in iOS 15. Users can now select any text and choose “Translate” within it, which will automatically convert into their preferred language. In iOS 15, you can translate text anywhere in the system by selecting it and choosing “Translate” under the options.

Live Text

Also, iOS 15 introduces a Live Text feature that automatically detects text within images and photos on your device. This allows you to select any part of an image as if it was just regular text, which can be edited or adjusted by changing font style, size, or color like with other texts on your iPhone.

The live text feature lets you translate sentences in real-time. You can select it from ‌Photos‌, screenshots, Quick Look, Safari, or the Camera app to see its translation immediately!

Translate App

Furthermore, Apple has made several enhancements to the Translation app, which is designed for communicating with someone who speaks another language. The new app update makes it easier to talk with a person that speaks another language.

Just tap on the Conversation tab at the bottom of your device’s screen whether you’re holding your phone horizontally or vertically.

When in conversation mode, the Translation app will automatically detect when you start speaking and stop. This means that your communication partner can just respond without having to touch their phone at all.

Source: MacRumors

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