HomePod and HomePod Mini to have lossless Audio support in a future update

Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini to support lossless audio in the future update. Apple support pages have mentioned that future updates will bring official support for HomePods. The HomePods currently use AAC for better sound quality, as the Hi-Res Audio is coming in the next updates.

Furthermore, few Apple devices will require an external device like USB DAC to listen to lossless audios. Apple also mentioned that Apple TV 4k will have support for only standard lossless audio.

Moreover, Apple products like AirPods, Beats and AirPods Max won’t be able to stream lossless audios over Bluetooth. To experience lossless audio, a 3.5 lightning cable will deliver a better sound experience. Overall Bluetooth won’t support ‘Hi-Res Lossless’ Audio.

To listen to Hi-Res Lossless Audios, users must use an external digital to analog converter. The Hi-Res Audio is officially arriving at Apple Music with over 20 Million Lossless audios in the beginning. However, at the end of this year, Apple will expand it to over 75 million.

Additionally, Purchases from iTunes cannot be downloaded in lossless, also the broadcast radio and live radio also would not support lossless audio.

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