GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC update featuring free items & bonuses


GTA 5 Online received a Halloween update just like other games we have seen. Halloween is around the corner and we have seen Halloween updates just like in Pubg Mobile and others. Now Rockstar is also celebrating Halloween in a new way. The developers of the game announced a new Halloween bunker series, and this event will be available until 28th October.

With this new update, players can earn triple in the gruesome Halloween bunker series. Also triple rewards in the subterranean Halloween bunker series, the bunker series featuring three slasher maps sets in the depth of a bunker, silo, and a diamond. As players will be able to get three times GTA money and RP from this series.

Instead of this the bunker series also include two times GTA 5 money in RP on all of the bloodiest individuals in the adversary Halloween-themed mode. You can also get three times money bonuses on GTA free mode events.

Besides that Rockstar is offering a free Orange Dot tech mask and lemon sports tracksuit without any additional cost. You can get this lemon sports tracksuit along with the Dot mask any time before October 28th. However there is an S80RR supercar added in the diamond casino, players can get this totally free by spinning the wheel in the Diamond casino. So try your luck before 28th October and get this S80RR supercar.

Rockstar is also offering a 30% discount on Albany lurcher, 30% on Chariot Romero Hearse, also on Pegassi Reaper, and the same on LCC Sanctus. Besides that players who connect their Rockstar Games Social club account with Prime gaming will receive GTA$200k for playing any time until the event comes to an end.

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