Google Translate Material You first major redesign is coming

Google is about to give its translation services a significant facelift with the latest Material You redesign. The Google Translate app has been somewhat stagnant in its design, but it’s coming out of the older Material Design and using the newer Google theme. Last month, it was reported that Google Translate is about to get a Material You UI.

The Material You overhaul screenshots were shared by 9to5 Google recently, giving a whole idea of how the redesign will look. Besides this, Google translates introduced the dark mode last year. However, this will be a significant change over the years.

Google Translate’s Material You redesign has dramatically changed how it is used, with an updated layout making navigating easier for users. In addition, the Material You UI puts more of its features within natural reach and makes them easy to find.

Without having a big top-heavy drawer-focused system like before which is quite challenging to navigate.

The Material You redesign aims to put the Translation features within the natural reach of your thumb, making it easier and quicker for you to translate from one language into another.

The Material You theme is more dynamic, meaning that it changes depending on your wallpaper color. Unfortunately, the Google Translate’s Material You redesign is not yet accessible, even as a manual download.

Even Google Pixel users still do not have access to the latest version of it either. It means we may have to wait for this redesigned structure before they are released publicly.

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