Google Translate can now automatically switch Gboard to the appropriate language

Google Translate now does a better job of automatically switching Gboard to the appropriate language.

Google has released an update to their famous Translate app on Android, automatically improving text entry by updating languages in real-time.

When you enter the text that isn’t in your default language, it will automatically translate the text for your convenience.

When you open the Translation app on your phone, select Italian or any other language as the language to “translate from.” So while entering the text into that field, Gboard will show up with its native keyboard.

The more we use Gboard, the better it gets. With its new functionality for automatically switching languages on-the-fly and a complete character set support, typing is even more accessible.

However, Gboard returns to your default language when you exit the translation screen.

According to 9to5Google, “We’re seeing this feature live on a Pixel and Tab S8 (both Android 12) with version 6.33 of Google Translate and Gboard 11.6 (which is currently in beta). It did not appear on the phone running 6.30 and 11.5, respectively.”

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