Google to cease paid operating Chrome extensions

Google is going to shut down the paid chrome extensions offered by different developers. The company announced that the developers should follow other payment methods, and said that they will no longer able to monetize their paid extensions on the Chrome Webstore.

As indicated by Google, however, Google with the firm policy taken place since March and the policy ceased temporarily with campaign finance reform in January once Google observed the upsurge in illegal transactions. Google will moderately terminate other serviceability in the upcoming months. According to Google, on February 1st the developers made extension can no longer charge Chrome customers.

However, Google has set up some new rules as well, they have made some noticeable updates in the month of April. The main purpose of these new updates is to mitigate spammy extensions. As Google has turned up with the updates they have announced for the extensions developers to make the chrome a better and safe browser for its users.

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