Google takes stern action against Paytm for Policy Violations

Google banned upon binding relation of payments company Paytm’s App and Paytm First Games from Google store play.

Google on Thursday cascaded a manifesto to ban illegal activities being held by Indian policies. Searching for such webs would declare no show result. Nonetheless, Paytm’s side legally runs apps such as Paytm peculiarly designed regardless of fabrication which is meant exclusively for business are supposed to be sustained which includes the following Paytm Mall and Paytm money. Herein a question rises on Google supremacy abandoning such apps is to keep the standards of its issued policies to clear off such forgeries while integrated its autonomy. They are to make sure fair and square activities in streamlining the gateways for stakeholders. 



Google believes to play fair with integrating their issued policies regardless of anything which has been strictly prohibited.

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