Google redesigns the Search Interface for iOS and Android devices

Making the right choice for mobile will force the user to search about it on Google Search Engine. Several changes have been made in the search engine interface to make the search process easier and reliable to help the user.

Making changes in the already perfect site is a big question mark for the developers. But still, an update is essential for making the right choice. According to the Google designer, Aileen Cheng, it is not an easy task to uphold changes. It gathers information and makes it valid at the end of all sites without mistakes. Even then, he redesigns the visual interface of Google Search for mobiles. That will be on the market in the next few days.

Google Search interface

Various reports explain the main reason for this redesigning; it will help bring the typed information more highlighted using different colours and make the information easier to translate and understand. Moreover, the redesigning will let the user into a more vast breathing room regarding your questions.

A more critical aspect is the “Googley” feeling. It will cause the main focus only on information compared to unwanted blog posts or advertisements/commercials. Even the text will appear more prominent.

Search engine reveals all the information through a blog/article that gives the machine a fresh look to update the system. To make things easier for the users what they are looking for. 

Apart from all this, the redesigning holds edge-to-edge results. This will lower the shadows and make the vision more clearer to see. It will let the background interface white to normalize the reading action of searched information.

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