Google Messages gets a new interface featuring useful categories


Google Messages is the instant messaging app first developed in 2014. This is the default messaging app for the Android mobile operating system. It also supports Rich Communication Services (RCS), earlier announced back in 2018.

Google Messages has had a Consolidation with the famous Google app known as DUO. Users can also have access to use the Messaging app on their desktops as well as along with the Duo.

Recently it is claimed that Google is working to upgrade the messaging app with some great features. A known Web Developer had mentioned that Google is planning to make the app more customizable and more friendly.

Google is going to change the interface of the app by adding four categories including Transactions, OTP, Personal, and a label of more. These features are expected to be added in the coming update.

The personal category will include all your personal messages, while the transaction will include all of your transactions made or received. One of the useful category they have added is the OTP, this feature will automatically delete the OTP messages after 24 hours. The purpose of this is to make the messaging app less untidy.

The features are now on a beta version of messages and will be officially added to the regular one very soon.

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