Google Lens to get a new camera icon shaped design

The significance of lenses all around the world can not be neglected. Google search engine is also trying to make the Visual search tool even better. Not only this, but the company also wants to make the icon more obvious in appearance along with the Google Lens.

According to a recent report, Google wants to make changes in the icon by experimenting with some camera shapes.

It happens before many times, as in software, the icon is quite round squares. In 2017, the company experienced a rectangular box, and that model was available on 2XL retail packaging.

Google Lens New Icon

Google Lens new design

Similarly, 2019 was the credible google manager who prefers viewfinder to a look-a-like camera and has a less blocky shape. All the parts look different and separate in that.

 Last year a new model was also launched that does not get much acceptance. The idea was based on redesigning the Pixel camera shape and other small parts from different apps.

You can find the icon at the top of the Google app in the search bar, second to the microphone icon. This will be let for iOS soon.

Significantly, Google is working on it to make the interface and functionality better and more advanced. The icons uphold the shape like DSLR with four trending and significant colors.

Green will appear less in the top-right position while the icon holds the blue as a most prominent section at the top-left corner.

The changes are made, but it appears to be only an experimental approach. Google administration tries to make the communication by tapping a single icon or button. After making the real sense, if it wents well, it will only be officially available for users’ subscriptions.

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