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Genshin Impact new map update Dragonspine to be released soon

Danny Peterson



Genshin Impact new map update Dragonspine to be released soon

Genshin Impact’s first new map is coming on 23rd Dec two days before Christmas. The new map is called Dragonspine based on the winter-themed season to celebrate the holidays. Full of dangerous environments, mysteries, creatures, and many more things travelers will explore. The upcoming event called The Chalk Prince and the Dragon is all set to take place in the brutal ice world. Players will also get new rewards, and a bundle of items if they are able to survive the extreme cold of the Dragonspine area.

Players need to take care of their lives in order to survive extremely challenging conditions. Prepare yourself to get your hands and explore the new environments of first-ever map addition. But, Travelers need tips to survive in scary and brutal conditions.

Get the heat in extreme cold

Dragonspine area is all covered with snow and on reaching the peak of mountains travelers are going to face extreme cold weather conditions. It will be hard to survive, but, travelers need to look for warm places. In fact, players should explore every inch of the mountain. Other than saving stamina and HP players need to focus on the sheer cold bar. The cold bar will go up once the Traveler is facing extreme cold and when the bar is full, a decrease in health will start. Losing health will eventually cause death and Travelers will start again. To avoid death, find a warm place before the shear cold bar is full.

Upcoming winter event

Dragonspine area will host the upcoming event The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. Players who will finish the multiple tasks and storyline will get the Festering Desire a rare and powerful sword in the rewards. Travelers will keep that sword and can use it again when the event end. According to developers, there are still more features and updates coming, and stay tuned for more.

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