Fortnite Wolverine Costume arrived with additional Adamantium Claw


Fortnite Wolverine Costume has finally arrived in the game. The player can get the Fortnite Wolverine costume by purchasing the Season 4 Battle Pass. Once after purchasing the season 4 battle pass the players would have to complete the challenge to get the costume.

After clearing the challenge the players will get the Fortnite Wolverine costume along with other accessories like Wolverine Trophy, Fellow Shas. There is also an emote known as “SNIKT”, the emote will be unlocked once the challenge has been completed.

fortnite wolverine

The “SNIKT” has another advantage as well, by clearing the challenge and unlocking the SNIKT, the gaming nerds will be able to change the pickaxe to Adamantium Claw. Users can change over these claws any time they want.

fortnite accessories
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If you need to get the Wolverine Costume just go and purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass, you will get the costume along with other rewards.

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