Fortnite Daredevil set has arrived at the item shop for purchase

Fortnite Daredevil skin comes out in the item show, it is now officially available on the item shop for purchase. The Daredevil was recently debuted but at that time it was very difficult to get the skin. The reason behind that is if someone was looking to have it should qualify for the tournament.

Recently the skin was initially offered as a reward, for those who qualify in the top 800 in Europe will get the Daredevil skin. Also for those teams who qualify in the top 100 in MiddleEast. The top 500 in NorthAmerica has to get the skin. At that time the skin was on an award basis, and you must have to qualify.

However, the Fortnite Official has recently tweeted on their Twitter account and mentioned that the Daredevil skin is now available on the item shop as a standard purchase. If you are a big fan of the Fortnite and want to get the Daredevil set, just go to the item shop and get it now.

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