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Fall Guys PC Copies sold over a record of 11 million times

Ryan Johnson



Fall Guys PC Copies sold over a record of 11 million times

Developers Mediatonic revealed that the surge in popularity is not stopping as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout multiplayer game sold 11 million units on PC. Becoming one of the biggest games released in 2020. Still, the game is crossing the milestones all over the gaming world.

Since the game initially made headlines in August, famous content creators like Pew di Pie, NickMercs, and the Sidemen were addicted to the unique gameplay of the game and streamed continuously online for hours and hours. Twitch and YouTube were crowded with streamers playing the game online and winning crowns. The Twitter handle of the game amused the fans with witty jokes and information was given regularly on Social Media. This took the popularity of the game to another level.

Launching the game on PC and PS4 proved a huge success. With PS Plus monthly subscription package thousands of gamers playing the game with their friends, giving a tough competition to other games such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnight, etc. Mediatonic revealed that the company is thrilled and expressing its gratitude for selling over 11 million PC Copies in less than 4 months.

As the numbers and popularity of the game rise it 100% sure that the developers are working to make the future far better. However, it’s been a huge year for Fall Guys creators and they are thrilled with the results coming. Moreover, they also opened a huge studio to focus on making the popular title better and to overcome the competition of Among Us. So, the fans are waiting to know about the things yet to come in 2021.

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