Dr Disrespect offers Arm Wrestling tournament to Broadcast Live on ESPN

Dr Disrespect tweeted that he wants to create and broadcast the Arm wrestling tournament live on ESPN 6. Dr Disrespect is famous for his charismatic and unique personality on the internet.

Recently, he made headlines when twitch banned him from streaming on the largest streaming platform. It came as a sudden shock to all the gaming community of the platform. The reason for the ban is still unknown and Twitch has not made any official statement.

However, Dr Disrespect turned to YouTube and his first live stream was a huge success. With more than 500,000 people live viewers and the addition of 1.5 million subscribers on his official channel in just 2 months. Indeed, the streamer is enjoying his life at YouTube. YouTube gave him the opportunity to come back and continue his streaming career. Dr Dispresct is famous for streaming Call of Duty games online, since 2010. With a massive fan base and unique character, he catches people’s attention.

Coming to Twitter, the 38-year-old wants to challenge someone for an arm-wrestling tournament and also wants it to broadcast it live on ESPN 6. Many fans and famous streamers responded sarcastically to the challenge.

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