Dogecoin Price Prediction: DOGE is ready to target a new all-time high

Dogecoin is taking a break after gaining 40% recently. The coin has been able to compete with established currencies and surpass many cryptocurrency goals, but its price stability remains unfulfilled this year as of yet.

Today, the Dogecoin price is $0.271780 with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,274,784,595, and it has risen 7% in the past day alone! With this rise comes new hope for DOGE to be at its all-time high once more soon enough.

DOGE/USDT Price Chart

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Dogecoin Price is making a strong push towards $0.50 after such an incredible increase in value, and I expect it will reach its target sometime soon.

It’s about to get exciting for Dogecoin. A new bull run could be on the horizon following months of being stuck in a trading range, and with no major events occurring this year, it has plenty of opportunities to grow even more before we see what happens next.

Despite the long wait, bulls finally have a chance to take control of Dogecoin’s price. With yesterday’s close above resistance, it looks like all their patience has been worth it as prices are ready for another major push up towards $0 .50.

A recent technical analysis on Dogecoin’s price suggests that it has the potential to climb up 64%. If this occurs, we will see an upper bound for its symmetrical triangle pattern and put its bullish target into perspective at around $0.435.

However, The Dogecoin has not seemed to be recovering from its recent plunge, which ended at $0.3304 on 28 October with no sign of recovery in sight.

Despite this, the cryptocurrency market is in a volatile spell, and we may be about to see the DOGE/USDT pair break down. Having failed to clear its 200-day moving average, it has tested support at 0.2643. Suppose bulls fail to defend this price level.

In that case, there could come another downside target of 0️.1961 or lower if corrections continue even further southward into previous range territory below that too.

Furthermore, The odds of a Dogecoin price increase are favorable to break out from the 200-day moving average and 0.3015 resistance mark, but only if it follows recent trends in that direction.

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