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Destiny 2 Drawing event update new rewards revealed

Ryan Johnson



Destiny 2 Drawing event update new rewards revealed

Destiny 2 is a free-style multiplayer battle royale game that was originally released for PlayStation and Xbox. The developer, Bungie, recently announced the release of a new update that is expected next week.

The developers provide the players with something new every week and that’s what most of the players look forward to. Destiny 2: Beyond Light was released in the mid of November. It had some latest features including new villains, powers, and much more. Hawkmoon exotic weapon was the main featured figure of last week and it was surely applauded by the audience. The developers then announced a new Dawning event coming this week.

Destiny 2 Drawing Event

Bungie takes full benefit of its always developing strategy and thus most of the new updates are season-based. Likewise, this update is going to be winter based with a wholesome touch of Christmas theme. The center-figure of the whole game, the Tower, will be accordingly decorated representing the arrival of the Christmas festival. The fan-favorite Eva Levante is going to be there and will be providing the players with new gifts and some other surprises.

The main reward for this season is going to be a weapon called Galcioclasm. It is an ultimate fusion rifle that players will get randomly to add more fun to the event. The next reward will be a customizable ship that players can get as a gift from Eva. For those looking to purchase things, the Eververse store will have a special treat for them including a new ship, Christmas-themed sparrows, new Ghost shells, and a snowmen shell. That’s not all as much of the rewards are still kept secret that is for the players to find out. The new update will bring new fixes, updates, and resolved issues. Bungie also aims at raising funds for several organizations through this update.

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