COD Mobile Season 7 is live, unlock several free rewards now

COD Mobile Season 7 is live. Players can unlock free rewards in the game by participating in events and more. The themed event of this season, Cyber Attack, is also live now!

Get ready for some new events in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7! Activision announced a community update yesterday, which will come with the many challenges and events that are available to play later this week.

You have many options when it comes to what you’ll be playing in the coming months. That includes Ozuna: Kill Confirmed and Solid Gold mode for Battle Royale. There is much more on its way though!

Cyber Attack Event

In CoD Mobile Season 7: Elite of Elites, Zero’s mission to find Nova 6 gas is featured. In order to unlock new stories about her and the Five Knights, you must level up by playing multiplayer or battle royale matches in-game now!

To increase the chances of getting better items from sending out your Zero on missions, you should level her up. You can get things like epic charms and rare camos by leveling them to a certain number in-game.

In addition to the Zero – Dark Ops operator, there are also new rewards in store for you like an armor plate. She has a 6-hour cooldown after every mission so make sure to jump into this event quickly!

Nomad- Colorweave is also available in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7. Players can unlock the avatar for free by completing a few challenges, but it was previously only available as login rewards and crates that players could purchase from the store.

Nomad-Colorweave is a new skin available to unlock in COD Mobile’s Battle Royale mode. Players who want this unique look must play the Solid Gold limited time mode before it goes away.

Call of Duty Season 7 New events

  • Seasonal Challenges
  • Pistol, Sticks, and Snipers
  • BR Solid Gold Mode
  • Cyber Attack Event
  • Shoot the Ship
  • BR Tank Battle Mode
  • Payout S&D Mode
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