COD Mobile Season 13 Winter War new features revealed officially

COD Mobile is going to get it’s new Season 13 (Winter War) on 21st December at 4 PM PST. With quite new content and new maps, the COD Mobile Season 13 will be featuring somehow snowy content. Overall two new maps have been revealed by the developer’s names as NukeTown Russia and Raid Holiday.

Activision has confirmed the arrival of the new season, as it will drop into the game before Christmas. The new season will get its new rank series, which will be featuring new rewards, emotes, soldier skins, and many more.

Call of Duty Mobile’s official account on Twitter has also revealed a new Ski feature that will be added to the game once Season 13 drops. As there will be a SKI town, where the players will enjoy Skating through their Snowboards while engaging in full intense action.

There are also some rumors regarding the map known as Rebirth Island. The Rebirth Island map has been recently added to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Rumors suggest that it will be also added to COD Mobile in near future. While the two maps are confirmed by the developers.

The NukeTown map will become the NukeTown Russia, that will covering all the snowy content. While the new Raid Holiday Map will be featuring a Christmas tree in some area with snow covering the grounds. There will also new weapons in Season 13 Winter War, the developers haven’t confirmed which weapons they are going to add but rumors suggest it would be Peacekeeper MK2 and the QXR.

The Winter War is going to arrive soon, as players are excited about this whole new season. The wait is almost over. Stay tuned for the COD Mobile Season 13.

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