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COD Mobile Season 13 Winter and Christmas sneak peek revealed

Danny Peterson



COD Mobile Season 13 Winter and Christmas sneak peek revealed

The most epic online multiplayer video game, COD Mobile, is bringing a new season for its fans, and the whole gaming world is already pumped up to see what’s new in this season. COD Mobile season 13 is expected to be released soon and here is what we know so far:

A new season of course means a new map but this time it’s not just any map but a re-themed version of previous maps like Raid, Crash, and many more. According to the latest tweet showing a leak, it is going to be a seasoned theme i.e. Christmas theme. Both the maps were showing snowy backgrounds but then it was mentioned that the map was actually from Black Ops 4 Nuketown. The new map was recently added in the Call of Duty:  Black Ops Cold War and it turned out a massive success. Just like last year, All the new features and rewards such as gun skins, outfits, vehicles, and legendary lucky draws will be based on the Winter theme Christmas Special.

Lucky draws are always a fan-favorite feature and the developers hinted at bringing the first legendary skin for DR-H in this lucky draw. Its name is going to be DR-H-Wicked Claw.

Another leak that’s confirmed is a Meta change in the game with amazing animations and it will take the gamers at least 2-3 weeks to adjust to this new Meta version.

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