COD Mobile Knights Divided Event gives Massive free Rewards

COD Mobile Season 12 “Going Dark” did well and enjoyed by the fans. Many believe that this is the best season in history since the global version was released in Oct 2019. With new daily missions and rewards, Activision has also been added to a new free Event called “Knights Divided”. This new event will give free massive rewards in the form of new gun skins, backpacks, charms, and much more.

COD Mobile Knights Divided Event

The event started on Nov 20th and each player must choose between Red and Blue factions (teams). Players need to play each day as the event will go ahead for 20 days. The more you win individually the more you will receive contribution points. Thus, with the help of contribution points, each grinder will receive the rewards.

There are 8 rewards for a player in one day. The player will be rewarded with a great reward after achieving 3500 contribution points in Razorback Ruby. Other rewards include parachute, pistol, charm, and other gun skins.

However, the rewards list is the same in both Red and Blue factions but the difference is only in color. Blue team will get gun skin in blue color and red Faction will get every reward in Red color.

For ultimate legendary grinders, there is also a reward for the top 5% ranked contributors. These players will get their hands on the rare skin Locus-Schism sniper gun skin.  Indeed, Call of Duty Mobile is giving massive free rewards making Season 12 even more epic.





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