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Clash Royale November Update Bugs fixed and new features revealed

Danny Peterson



Clash Royale November Update Bugs fixed and new features revealed

Clash Royale November update notes have been released. This update is based on the requests and complaints made by the players. The update will fix all the Clan Wars 2 glitches and will improve the gameplay for a better user experience with new features. In this article, you will understand what is changed, introduced, and fixed in the new update.

Full details of Clash Royale November Update

NEW WAR DECK time zone

Before the update, many players faced the issue, in which a clan comes from a different time zone and defeated them. So, the NEW WAR DECK time zone has been introduced. The time resets at 10:00 AM UTC for every player, thus no player can battle with a different time zone player.

Additionally, players will now fight with an equal level of clans. This matchmaking improvement will give every player’s clan an equal chance in the River Race.

Changes in Race River Length

Lower league Clans will now able to get benefit from River Race. Lower Clans will now get more rewards and items with less fame needed to complete the River Race. This update is set to come on Dec 7th arriving late than other updates.

Clan Chat theme changes

The players of Clash Royale will now get a new chat theme with a different color and emotes. Indeed, the players will enjoy the new chat experience in chatting with their clan members.

Legendary League new Ranks

Clan War 2 players now will benefit from two new Legendary Leagues. Players can reach these leagues after reaching Legendary 1. New rewards and items are added in these Leagues.

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