Call of Duty: Modern Warfare cannot be updated on a 250 GB SSD


Call of Duty Modern Warfare the sixteenth installment to the Call of Duty series. The game was earlier launched in 2019 and has gained some serious popularity. The users can play the game on PS4, Xbox, and windows as well.

As every player wants to play a game without any Hard drive space issue. Recently in a tweet from @BattleNonsense has mentioned that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare no longer fits on 250 SSD. This could be a little terrifying because at the initial release the game requires just 175 GB.

After an update that recently arrived, pushed it to 200 GB, now from the tweet it has been mentioned that it will no longer fit on 250 GB SSD. Games such as COD MW are pushing the space limit after each update, due to which most of the players would not be able to update their games.

Although Console players have a favor of uninstalling some of the modes and packs, so to get a free space but the players who used to play on has no such option. Such users will need to upgrade their storage options.

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