Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will have FOV slider on all Platforms


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War early access for Ps4 will starts today. PS4 users can gain early access if someone has already pre-ordered the game. Treyarch (developers) shared news about the FOV ( Field of view) slider, in a tweet the company has mentioned that Black Ops Cold War now features FOV for all platforms.

From the very beginning, the PC users have had an advantage of FOV, while the console users didn’t have an option to change the FOV. Whoever the company brought some good news and finally they have released the FOV feature across all platforms.

Regarding the FOV ( Field of View), the lowest possible FOV is 60, while the default is 80. The users can also set it to 120 (maximum). These change of FOV slider was first available on PC version games from the beginning, but now the console users will be able to change their FOV.

Treyarch also shared some more information regarding VIP Escort, Combined Arms Assualt, Ping System, Dirty bomb as well as FOV slider. However, the gaming experience in the field will be leveled now for both PC and Consoles. like PC users the PS5 and Xbox users will be able to change their field of view setting to their desired one. The Open beta for PS4 will be starting from 10th October, while for all platforms it will be starting from 17th October.

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